The Modern Yogic-Logic Girl!

The modern Yoga girl, or the YOGI-girl! 😀 Haha!! Ain’t her ? Well, too difficult to decide in the beginning! So, Let’s begin the journey..

This is how she would put the yoga-tablet to use,

Among the zillion choices to choose..

This carries modern logic-yogic,

she won’t anyways panic..

With the new yoga-tablet-lenovo,

She will always steal the show..

It gives her the easy tantra,

religiously following the mantra..

It is through its magic sounds and tunes,

She chooses to dance even on sand-dunes..

Setting on the morning alarm mode,

Promises to walk miles on the road..

Its is the modern yogic tool,

Shall give her appearances cool..

With all the hopes shaped,

she shall be wonderfully draped..

All the charm and the vigour,

To provide her amazing figure..

With all the maps and the apps,

can assist to prevent the mishaps..

Stressed-up and the mood swings,

taken away with the tab pings..

This is just the trailer,

Wait and watch her valour..

A step down in the battle,

an inch closer to the fine fettle..

This is how her everyday looks like,

Tab shall give her easier life..

And now since her journey is all set and decided, isn’t this what makes her “The modern yogic-logic girl”.

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8 Responses to The Modern Yogic-Logic Girl!

  1. passey says:

    Nice one… and you did manage to cover quite a few conventional features of a tab…

    Arvind Passey

  2. All the very best for the contest 🙂

  3. Pankti Mehta says:

    Wonderful poem…best of luck 🙂

  4. Haha.. Thats one creative post..All the best 🙂

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