No more prickly pears!

The stubborn and the harsh looks are a mere disappointment to a huge population. They provide no fun and meaning to the existence. There stays no point when one is not being accepted and is merely looked down. The parties and gatherings for the prickly men brings no joy, giving them an unclean and unbathed looks. Well, who would like an unclean stubble ? If any, then those are mere exceptions, and it does no good when you talk about exceptions all the time.

It’s high time now that everyone bids tata-bye-bye to the unclean stubble and welcome the clean and healthy looks, because it is not just I hate that unclean stubble, but everyone, infact. It is important to be healthy and accepted gratefully, and thus, below goes a tiny tale..

Bid adieu to the prickly pears,

Saintly looks and saintly seers.

Miles to seek and miles to go,

Its high time, you need to grow.

A broader domain to view,

prickly pears are bid adieu.

The thorny grounds,

those harsh sounds.

The  young and the old days,

in those moments of sways,

Of that manly appearance,

I was clean bowled by his clean shaven looks, hence.

This entry is written for Protest Against Unclean Stubble Activity in association with BlogAdda.
– The Inner Self


About innerselfmaking

In the making of myself. Rest you will explore out through my blog.
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