The Charge Recharge!

There grows the self-love,

one tends to become like dove,

the care here, the care there,

no chances of fake glare,

to those brave affairs,

taking away the stares,

the endless lovely moments,

together that are spent,

through the day and the night,

lending those wonderful sight,

the dancing stage,

in the making of adage,

the flows in the breeze,

making the moments freeze,

Recharging hair, recharges life,

no pain and no strife,

in the midst of the wonderfulness,

that lurk for cheerfulness,

those games of hide and seek,

in the hair flicks so thick,

wide and tide,

where the fingers slide,

in the flow that is so smooth and shiny,

any amount of time spent appears tiny.

– The Inner Self

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About innerselfmaking

In the making of myself. Rest you will explore out through my blog.
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