I code with cloud power!!!


Re-writing existing code is a huge waste of time for developers. Today’s cloud computing platforms help us achieve the goals efficiently.

Cloud power

Time is under such a huge scarcity these days that one is hardly left with any to spare. The so called smart devices that have captured the huge market have taken the toll over the lives and connected the world smartly, undoubtedly.

How pointless is it to re-write the same code, when you already have the source available ? Instead why not think about something innovative and focus towards it and update the codes from the already existing codes. The tasks would be so easier.

The developments and innovations would be too quick and faster to step ahead with lesser amount of work to be done in writing the existing codes and structures. The main focus must heavily rely on inventing and discovering new things that would make human existence more merrier and comfortable, with the easy of accessing things at every person’s disposal.

The sole purpose of coding should not be invent the similar things time and again using the different methods, infact it should primarily concern on creating codes that would serve useful and beneficial for the users worldwide.

Developer’s are meant for development. It serves on purpose for them to rewrite the same codes time and again, when new technologies such as cloud computing are easily at their bay. Instead the time can be used for some other developments of prime importance that could different professionals with their works, status’ and tasks.

Cloud computing is one such revolution in the IT sector which has reduced this burden to a lot extent, where the developers do not have write through the same codes again, and instead concentrate and put their efforts on the non-existing codes and clouds.

The tasks for professionals are being made much easier with this IT-tool called could computing. New inventions and discoveries are only possible when we learn to take over the already existing ones and wave a green flag for the new objectives, goals and targets.

– The Inner Self.



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