Festivities with BOROSIL : Santa in the Kitchen

Festivals are the all time fun moments. They have something great associated with them always. The happenings are much awaited throughout the year for any kind of festivity, be it Diwali, Holi, Rakhsha-Bandhan, Ramzan, Guruparv, etc. The list is numerous.

What is more exciting about these festivals is the special cuisines being prepared and the taste-buds that so eagerly wait for the festival to arrive to satisfy them on that particular night. Now few people would say that this cuisine making can happen on any day, but what I feel is that particular festival day has something special, that is what makes festivals so special and important.

With the cuisines, what comes next is the serving vessels and style. Yes, style does matter, and even the crockery used also matters. May be these come secondary to the food that is prepared.

The food serving makes it more beautiful and makes it presentable and adds that flavour of serving that makes it more accountable on the table. Borosil has always been serving my this purpose whole heartedly.

I was titled at the end of the event as SANTA for this Christmas for playing SANTA in the kitchen. It was so much fun to be with family in the special times and feeling privileged to capture the attention and love from everyone around.

To narrate the fun and frolics, I would tell the kitchen story of Christmas Day..

Me and my mom were playing SANTA in the Kitchen. We had all the ingredients ready the previous day to have all the fun with cooking. For a Joint-Family venture we decided upon to go with the best of the dishes on the menu we could.

I began with my most favourite dish – Fried Rice. Yes, the most colourful dish that can be prepared in the kitchen. Colours is what brings in life to every event, so my fried rice sere any event with a spicy fragrance at the table.  borosil

Next, on the menu were some snacks like Dahi-Bhalla, Tikki, and  Raj-kachori. My mother being an expert at them, was ready with her these snacks department items ready on the table with the best of Borosil accessories.


Next were different bowls of salad, that served the hunger of the diet conscious people of the family. They were glad that they were also on the mind of the cooks. haha!!


For the aged people, as they usually demand Dal and vegetable, on the menu were Dal-Makhni, Yellow dal, Aloo Dum and Butter Paneer Masala with different varieties of breads available for them prepared by me and my cousins.


The tables were full. The dining tables were falling short of space to adjust the items. Few more arrangements were being made by my male cousins to make things even more presentable.

Lately, my uncle came with a surprise for me and my  mom with the new crockery and dinner sets. He asked us to unpack them and serve everyone in new dinner set. To my surprise, there were 2 BOROSIL dinner sets with the most amazing and wonderful patterns. It added on to everyone’s happiness and made my tiredness to swipe from me.

Everything and anything new for my kitchen pleasantly brings a smile on my face and it comes out best with BOROSIL and its accessories.

Love you BOROSIL. Whatever it may be, you are one of the reasons of my happiness!



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