In the Himalayas of Nepal

Into the modern times that we live in, the life has become so paced up with a speed that one is barely left with options with oneself to look back and travel back to the old times and be to places that one has been associated in the past. Though, not everyone might be having the attachment to the past ventured places, but then there are few who wish to venture and discover the places that have been standing high for several thousands of years. Himalayas is one such place where I would love to venture time and again as many times as I can.

There follows a short story for the loafty Himalayan ranges that stand high despite the forces of nature.

The abodes of snow,

the ranges soaring high,

the humans taking the bows,

known to be the God’s residence.

Towards the heavenly tour,

the rivers that cut through,

in the hills and valleys,

making the ways rough.

The panoramic views,

of the loafty mountains,

in the matters of time and tide,

filling the tourists with pride.

With Skyscanner, I would love to fulfill my wish of spending my time with Himalayas in Nepal, the country known to be fully drenched with Himalayas, comprising of the world’s highest mountain peaks such as Mount Everest, Mount Makalu, etc

With Sky Scanner I shall travel smartly as I can preplan about my trip and manage it properly with the least possible expenses. My journey to the Himalayas would begin by boarding Air Arabia flight from Delhi IGI airport, landing at the Kathmandu airport in Nepal.

From there, the road journey would begin by setting out to my stay place at Hyatt Regency Kathmandu. After a rest of sometime, would leave for exploring Kathmandu by hiring a car and visiting the sight seeing areas in the capital region.

The following day I would set our for Pokhra, for the view of loafty mountain ranges view. They have a special mountain flight program through which they make the tourists travel through the planes and give them a ride over the mountains. Also, my choice to travel from Kathmandu to Pokhra would be made by road. It is a thrilling experience to travel into the Himalayas by roads, covering the distance several hundreds of kilometers.

Subsequently after fulfilling the wish to stay in the laps of  Himalayas in Pokhra, would travel back to Kathmandu again. On the way back, I would give a visit to the Lord Buddha’s birthplace Lumbini. Several monasteries of different countries could be seen there. From there moving towards Kathmandu, I would make a visit to the Mankamana Devi Temple located in Gorkha district at a distance of 12 kms at a height of  nearly 1300 meters and Pashupati Nath Temple.

The last to be preserved for the adventures and sports. There I would go for rafting and Kayaking, which would make the journey more enjoyable.

Travelling smart way with SkyScanner is what makes it possible without any hassles.

The flight tickets and hotel bookings could be easily done by chosing from the plethora of options available at the site. The site also assists in making the road trips comfortable by enabling easy hiring of cars and buses.

Th travel expenses :

Flight – INR 44000


Accommodation – INR 36000


Car hiring – INR 10000

Food and adventures – INR 10000

The total budget plan estimates stand around INR 1,00,000

This post is a part of Skyscanner travel wizard activity at


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