Doing what others can’t do!!

Taking inspiration from the super powers of the ASUS Zenphone, give my phone a super power and telling how it would help me see what others can’t see and do what others can’t do!

With the climatic changes and the environmental breakdown at a startling rate, I would wish my ASUS Zenphone to be blessed with the super powers of blocking and banning everything that disturbs the mother Earth and keep flashing a secret message on the phone screens when anyone does a minute act of harming the surroundings.

Taking myself down to the end of this century and flashing things of how the things could be and the helplessness state that we would be so painful and stressful.

Towards the end of 21st century that I am in,

sitting beside the frame in the wall,

peeping outside through the windows,

I remember the view of those lush green trees,

The flowers swaying in the breeze,

Is it all that we could carry forward,

and pass on to our grand children,

in the midst of congestion,

the pollution clouds all around,

Many crying and several dying,

in this rage of selfish war,

that is carried along so far,

the clouds shrinking from thick to thin

punished for the committed sin.


As I rotate the eyes around,

over the places on ground,

the smile fading from the face,

by gazes of the deserted place,

to gather memories of all the seen,

to the remnants that are not so green,

into the times that we have stepped upon,

that is all industrial with concrete stones.

As a child I played in the streams,

all that is now in the dreams,

million birds that dotted every inch of sky,

don’t hover anymore with wings that fly.


With the super powers of the ASUS ZenPhone,

granting environment the loan,

with the multiple apps and tabs,

flashing with message bags,

rewinding the clock to a century back,

to show cast where the system was at lack,

to keep up with the cheques and checks,

of all the balances at desks,

be it the present or the past,

nothing could immortalize and forever last,

it is time to make people realize,

from stopping them to materialize,

of all that they could have saved,

of the better future paved,

preventing the damaging of Earth,

with all the might and worth,

before every destruction is at alarming rate,

preserving and conserving before it is too late.


About innerselfmaking

In the making of myself. Rest you will explore out through my blog.
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One Response to Doing what others can’t do!!

  1. Alok Vats says:

    Truly incredible…

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