Black Bliss!

Holding on to what’s important, and black makes me hold every moment important. It takes me to the attainment of bliss. Discarding all the ills associated with black, it has been a lucky charm for me and the best of things have happened to me with black and in black. The precious moments that I have spent are in and with the black. It swipes me off the worries and helps me chose the best, and this is what ultimately matters.

My black lusty wishlist goes here :

1. Black coffee :

This is something that would rise me from my grave and put me to life. Black coffee makes me feel all time energetic and fresh. Ah, what else does one need ? This is what makes my hectic days comfortably merrily flowing.


#Lively #Hopeful #Energetic it is with black coffee!

2. Black belt :

What in life a judo sports enthusiast in life desire and aspire for ? Would it be anything more than a black belt ? Certainly not! A black belt would be “fully contended with life” like feeling.


#Accomplishment #Success #Happiness pouring in with Black Belt. 

3. Black chocolates :

The good times and the bad times. Would it define my craving for black dark chocolates ? Well, they should indeed. The moods are set right with them, the good ones soar higher adding to the bliss, and the bad moods are swiped away. And, for the love of dark chocolates, I wish for a stock that would forever last with no expiry date!


#Bliss #Felicity #Contentment attained with Black Chocolates.

4. Black interiors :

Interiors is what keeps me in high spirits throughout the day. This defines my days aptly. Black interiors keep knocking me with the best of ideas. Black interiors go around matching with everything, like with the colourful people in!


#Simple #Blended #Vintage are the black interiors. 

5. My Man in Black :

I love my man dressed up in all black. There are no words that would completely express my this feeling, but I simply love it when it is all black. Black defines him the best.


#Handsome #Personality #Elegant is what makes my man look the best for me.

This is my blacky whacky lusty wishlist. I would love to live it! #WhatTheBlack!!

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