#CelebrateBlogging : Chapter -17

Team : Alphabet Soup

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He asked, “The priest has a son?”

The man replied, “Had.”

Cyrus was surprised and asked him, “What happened to him?”

The man continued with the story, “He was found dead sometime after the priest became ill. He died of a snake bite.”

“I spoke to many people regarding my novel. But no one mentioned about the priest’s son’s death.”

“What sir? Snake bites were very common those days. Many people died out of snake bites. Why would people list out the names?”
“Snake bites might be common, but no one ever mentioned about the death of the priest’s son. Why is that?” he asked.

“Did you ask anyone about the priest’s son?”


“Then why will anyone tell you about something you didn’t ask them sir?” he was smiling now.

This case was heading nowhere. The mystery was only growing further and further and no proper conclusion could be drawn about it. Cyrus was disappointed. Though he knew a lot of things, he wasn’t able to fit the pieces together.

A few more questions kept coming to his mind. He thought about the boy who was a highly skilled blacksmith. He also thought about the boy who ran away. There were many unanswered questions and this man could lead him somewhere.

Cyrus enquired further, “Did the other boy who left come back?”


“Any idea where he went? Did he have relatives or friends outside the village?”

“I don’t know sir.”

“What was his name?”

Varma answered, “Shivan.”

Cyrus thanked him and was about to leave.

“You got what you wanted for your story sir? Will my name come in your novel sir?” he smiled hopefully showing his yellowing teeth.

“Sure. Thanks for your help.” He gave him some money and left.

The boy who translated for him walked with him.

There were many other things that were coming to his mind.  He kept thinking about the possible reasons for the boy to leave the village. Another question that came to his mind was whether he simply left the village or there was some motive behind it.

On his way back to his room, he heard a shriek. A continuous howl followed. It sounded like a man in trouble. The villagers who were around didn’t bother much about it. They went about their duties as though the howl was inaudible to their ears.

Seeing his astonished look, the boy said, “This was the man who tried to steal Amma’s idol many years ago. He was about to step out of the temple with the idol. And then he went mad. Amma is very powerful.”

He continued, “Since that day it has been going on like this. He closes his eyes and screams, even at odd timings and at other times, he runs around laughing.”

“There are a lot of other things that he keeps saying. He often screams and runs around saying Devi is dancing. He asks us to stop her from dancing.”

Listening to all this a chill ran down Cyrus’ spine. Were all those rumours true? Were the supposed superstitions based on actual happenings?


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