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Quikrthe India’s largest online and mobile classifieds portals is based in Mumbai, India, which was launched on 12th July, 2008, earlier formerly known as kijiji.in. It offers classified ads in 12 categories, which are further split into a number of sub-categories for the wide range of services, that includes electronics & technology, home & lifestyle, real estate, cars & bikes, jobs, services, entertainment, education & learning, pets & pet care, community, events and matrimonial.

What I loved initially when I saw the ads was its tagline – “Buyer and seller ka perfect matchmaker”. Another one – “No Fikar, bech Quikr”. The other one – “Photo khench, quikr pe bech”.

Ah, interesting ones, right fellas ? Drowns us to explore the world of buyers and sellers at one place.


The experience of shopping around with quikr was quite a mixed affair with apprehensions initially, but later on it was a good experience for a person like who in not so online-shopping friendly. Browsing and shopping around with Quikr.com made it quite easy and removed lots of doubts that emerge. Obviously there are some drawbacks and chances of being cheated, but then there are risks associated with almost everything in life, so why not take and try it out boldly.

As I was mailed and made aware by Blogadda for being shortlisted for the #ShopQuikr activity, I began my search in various categories on Blogadda and made a note of what could be a wonderful shopping experience with Quikr.com and blogadda. Being presented with a lofty amount of 5000 INR, there were lots of things that could have been purchased as a result of the browsing across several categories.

I wanted a change with my android device and I thought to once browse the mobiles and tablets category, of which I was initially least concerned to go through this category. But when I scrolled it down into this category, I found a lot of options, dealers and individual sellers. I managed to catch hold my eyes on great deals by a mobile dealer. I contacted him and to my surprise there were lots of mobile phone options available with him. He provided me all the details and was even ready to do the home delivery for the device.

I browsed for 2-3 days and then finally reached a conclusion to switch over my phone to a new one and made a final talk to the dealer. I shortlisted the HTC model – Htc Desire 816 model. The dealer initially charged 8,000 INR for the new model. I went into doubts about why the price of the phone is so less over the site when the model is being sold for nearly 20,000 INR in the market. I negotiated with the dealer, he offered me a discount of 2000 INR and then again I got little more apprehensive about it.

The next day, I made up mind to take the risk and go for it. I again tried and negotiated with the dealer, a poor soul that I am (in monetary terms, just kidding). To my surprise, the dealer agreed to go on for a price of 5000 INR on the Diwali day, but he wanted the payment to be done by that day and get it collected that day itself. I thought for one more time and decided to go for it. Yes, it was a great way to treat yourself with a new phone on Diwali day.

At first I would thank you BLOGADDA and QUIKR for this wonderful experience, without further beginning the other part of it.

I was delivered the device in next few hours with bill copy being sent to me on my id. It was a new phone, seal-packed, and I am having a great experience with my new phone so far.

The screenshot from the site quikr.com from where I found the details are as follows:


The category page from where I located the dealer is linked here.

The screenshot of the devices that I received of the phone are:




The advantages of the site are as follows :

1. Ease of navigation: The site offers this great advantage of navigating throughout the website easily. There is easy navigation from one page to another across the wide range of options that are available on quikr.com

2. Filters application: The filters can be easily applied depending on the requirements of the user. The filters applied range from price range selection, to the product being used or new. Also the brand filters could be applied. Depending upon the range of products there are several other filters applied for the ease of navigation and shortlisting of the products for the buyer.

3. Addresses needs: It has several categories that addresses the needs of the customers and also several filters that enables the site navigators to easily browse across the page from a wide range of products.

4. Accessibility: The site is easily accessible over the web and provides a complete range of offers to the buyers and sellers, alike for the sale and purchase, putting up advertisements, etc.

5. User-Friendly: On Quikr, the results are shown as a list which can be further filtered by location, locality, ad type (buy or sell), condition (used or new), brand and individual/dealer posting.

6. Availability of Mobile apps: Quikr apps are available on Android, Symbian, Windows Phone and Java for feature phones platforms. It even comes pre-loaded on a number of handsets.

The disadvantages though I did not face any except a little insecurity, could be:

1. Sometimes the product details presented on the site may not match with the actual product advertised over the site for sale, for I have experienced it and have been a victim, so this needs to seen through.

2. There are chances of the fake sellers and buyers across the site who simply stalk and flood the inbox, without any sole purpose. This doesn’t let the users to build up trust while going on for the online shopping experience.

3. The reliability is not assured and is totally the responsibility of buyers and sellers, obviously the site does not take responsibility of this factor, and does not even need to.

Keeping this disadvantages aside, Quikr made me to have a lovely time exploring the new world of this vivid online shopping.

Thank you BLOGADDA and QUIKR for providing me with this unique opportunity of having online shopping with quikr.com. For me, it was over in all a great learning experience and I am happy with the deal I made through it.

So folks, buyer and seller ka hai ye perfect matchmaker, no fikar-bech quikr. 

This post is a part of Quikr.com activity at BlogAdda.com


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