The amazing #24kLiving with PORCELANOSA

There is no other bliss, happiness and serenity to the busy occupied minds as much as staying at home. Home is such a place that brings pure joy and excitement, and thus one of those places that must have a good decor to be associated to it for the attainment of the wonderful expressions of human emotions.

Porcelanosa in this context is doing a great work in bringing the latest varieties of home decor to the doorsteps of the people and making life simpler, easier and happier. What more of a blessing one could ask for in the lifetime than a happy and a beautiful home to live in ?

Kitchen being my personal favourite hide-out, I would firstly transform it to the best possible that I could, and Porcelanosa offers a great deals of options for the fulfillment of this desire.

First things first, going by the fore-most attraction for me, the kitchen furniture in the kitchen. The central ground responsible for all the activities and all get-together at home, the one reason it is my favourite place apart from the reason being that of for food. Porcelanosa offers a good range for Kitchen furniture such as that from glass or KRION® countertops, fronts or shelves, and designs adapted to storage needs, with pillars, tall cupboards and integrated domestic appliances.

The kitchen furniture not only adds decor to the home, but also provides the ease and comfort of carrying out the most important and the busiest activities at home. The cabinet spacing, the hot chimney appropriately placed along with adequate water facilities could well be chosen from the Porcelanosa’s range of products.G690 Roble Petróleo / Roble Blanco Cal

The next thing on the list would be the Bathroom furnishings and decorations. Oh yes, my second favourite hideout after kitchen. Porcelanosa presents a very good range of products for bathroom decoration from bathroom furniture to spray showers, bath tubs, shower trays, from shower screens to shower columns. The other things including basins, radiators, and sanitary ware. A good range of bathroom accessories are also offered by Porcelanosa.


I loved to have visited the site and look for the items that would be fitting my needs and aspirations of those of a beautiful modular kitchen and a lively bathroom which would add essence and quality breathing to life. The atmosphere that good furnishings add on to life is splendid and we turn out to be happy in carrying out the daily chores and activities in an active and healthy manner.

The good aura naturally flows form quality interiors and also makes the home presentable. The decors when done in a adequate manner according to the needs of the home brings in the perfect connections into several spheres of life and thus add to the better living.

The mental relief that comes with good home interior and environment is beyond explanations and the bliss is ultimate which renders peace and tranquility. Thus, it becomes essential that we good amount of attention towards the interiors of the home where we live so that the time that flows has fond memories to be associated to it.

I hope one day when I get financially stable, I would happily be going for an apartment with 24k Living and spend the rest of my life scribbling comfortably into the amazing environment that offers great living and services.

For more details about the products, click here – Porcelanosa and for the service providers, click here – The 24k Living 


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