That Happy Rhyming Childhood

Tom Stoppard once quoted, “If you carry forward your childhood with you, you never become older.”

So far, I am doing justice to this old adage. The years and wrinkles have been added to my life, but the thrill of childhood days exists in so many ways, that I have lived and enjoyed them with my kids and other kids in the society and surroundings all the while. Also, when the Children’s Day was celebrated in our society this year, I was being awarded as “The Best Aunt” by the kids. I have rhymed with them a lot of poems, I have played around with them in their games, laughed with them, had crazy food items. I have lived my childhood again with them, with my kids.

One of the poetry that I stays in mind for ever is: Little Red Riding Hood

The reason for it goes like is that fear is definitely not so difficult to comprehend and understand. After all, were not we all frightened and afraid of certain things as children? Nothing has changed since Little Red Riding Hood faced that big bad wolf. Today, the fears are similar but in a different way. What frightens us today more is exactly the same sort of thing that frightened us yesterday, in our childhood. It is just a different wolf. In the long race of life, we just need to conquer our fears and step ahead into life with whatever it offers and presents us in its plate.

Another poem from my childhood that goes till date is: Johny Johny Yes Papa!

The various versions that this poem has come up with are hilarious in a lot of ways that gives a huge laughter and gushes the blood through all the veins and arteries of the body. I used to really enjoy this poem as a child. I used to climb my father’s shoulders as soon as he used to enter the home after his long working hours. It used to make him as well as me very fresh and I used to go too loud with this very poem. This saga continued for quite a long time till I went on to grow older and heavier getting difficult for me to climb over his shoulder and giving him lesser pains! haha! It used to be so much fun, no matter how our day had been, this particular thing used to remove all of our worries and sadness, if any, that we had throughout the day.

These are lovely childhood memories that I have for myself, that taught me the life’s best lessons and memories with lots of learning and fun in life.

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