Get Lucky with Lucky 6

India is not new to gaming now, for instance video games, contrary to that general perception. It started with those little vintage coin-operated video game parlours that we enjoyed playing Street Fighter andMetal Slug on, during a trip to a hillstation. Today video games are far more accessible, even on devices such as mobile phones. India houses a ‘mature’, yet limited, or should we say, bottlenecked, video games industry. The Rs 1500 crore (as of 2013) industry reached the landmark in a not-so-generic way, but one that is characteristic to the consumer habits.

SHM Entertainment Ltd (“SHM”), has designed an online gaming platform whose applications (“Apps”) are marketed under the brand, “Fat Cat”. Currently the platform allows players to play two unique games on their smartphones and tablets.

Coming to explore the new game – FAT CAT, let’s go on a ride of the offerings of this game:

  1. Easy to Access: Signing up for the game, logging in and creating an account was quite easy with simple following of instructions.
  2. Brands on the game: There are lots of brands on the game, we cn go of the ones we know or for the ones we know the shares would reap good benefits and take up high in the near future.
  3. Easy to play: The game has been quite easy to play with instructions following up if struck anywhere. Also, it has been easy navigation throughout the game. No hassles as such.
  4. Challenging friends: involving others to play this game is not at all a difficult task, as for instance found a lot of blogger friends there on the game. We can play up there and challenge in the spirit of game.
  5. Sharing with friends: The game provides sharing on a very convenient basis. It is nt difficult to find sharing options.
  6. Winning Cash: One of the plus point of the game being to win cash prizes throughout the gaming.
  7. Quizzes: It was a pleasure to know a great game that would infact offer to play quiz alongside gaming. It is a good way to increase and tap over the knowledge accounts making us to roll over the google, if needed, and sharpen our know-how domain.

Another best thing about FAT CAT is that they are CrowdFunding.This concept is quite unique into the world of gaming and threatens the traditional methods of lottery system, where we know that the world is largely revolutionized, where market is huge and the revenue generation is almost immediate. This would definitely be a perfect game changer all around the world.

With the increased penetration of mobile phones and personal computers in small towns and cities, industry experts estimate the gaming market to grow in the near future. India also has great potential to become an attractive destination for outsourcing of gaming development activities. India can capitalize on its strong reputation for outsourcing of IT/ITES services in this regard. Despite the growth and opportunities for development, the Indian gaming industry has to deal with challenges such as scarcity of skilled professionals and high prevalence of piracy.

FAT CAT is so much fun and the jackpots being huge, I am waiting for the day, when my friends would turn to me and thank me for turning them into big fat cats. What fun!

To know more about the FAT CAT game, click here : FAT CAT.


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