With the development of Quikr Nxt by QUIKR, the amazing combo of the buyers and the sellers have reached a new level of advancement, where they can immediately connect with each other through the important tool of chat across the major Quikr’s mobile application, mobile site and even its desktop site. The development of this feature has the power to transform the India’s online classifieds market because of it enhanced features which makes it user- friendly and enables users to contact and communicate with each other according to their convenience level with the maintenance of privacy and requesting more details and enquiries about the products or services, without making the phone call.

The major advantages that the new features on the site offers are:

1. Privacy of the numbers could be managed efficiently. There is no need for the buyers and sellers to share the number initially. This could be done when either of the party is sure of the transaction and might need to take forward the conversation for the deal.

2. Photo Sharing: The photos of the product could be shared efficiently. Buyers and sellers can upload the pics and see if the product meets their requirements. It is important that both the parties satisfy over the product and then move ahead with the procedure of billing and payments.

3. Privacy maintainance: The users on the site can manage their privacy effectively and can share the necessary details only when the trusted deals are done. This is a great way to prevent the spamming and other traffic for oneself. There are times when the number sharing turns out to be a risky affair and also the buyers and sellers are cheated over for several reasons. This would prevent the misuse to a great extent and thus making it a clear pathway.

4. Chat history: The chat history could be saved and kept as a record for the proof. This prevents the chances of being cheated and leads to the maintenance of authenticity. The calls that the parties make, though can be recorded but are not a sure shot and sole proof for the talks done. Chat provides a more reliable and better method where the chat history can be saved and managed for future references whenever needed.

5. Quick chat windows: The site offers the option of chat window effectively and thus the buyers and sellers, both can register and make the use of chat option properly. The users can easily create and account and begin with the proceedings on the site of conversing with other parties easily.

These are some of the major benefits of the new feature of the where the users, both buyers and sellers, would find a convenient platform to have a communication first at the site. This shall enable the prevention of fraud cases, and would lead from authenticity.

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