Valentine’s is a great way to feel special and joyous for any individual. It comes as a great surprise and pleasant experience for those know how make it a special one.

There are several reasons for the ASUS Zenfone being my valentine for this year are plenty. few of them that make to the list are:

1. Slim and sexy: The shape and structure of the phone are the most eye catching and grabbing. They are the sexiest in the range and offer a great classy look to the phone which is a great add- on for me. Smartness is in huge amount and that would make anyone’s valentine amazing and so Asus Zenfone would be my valentine for this year.

2. Designing: The design and structure of the ASUS Zenfone is splendid. It has a lot to offer the users that would make anyone to fall in love with the features and make the valentine really special. The amount of designing that the phone offers would make anyone fall in love with it. I have been long waiting for my valentine and thus I would make an end to the wait period and would definitely opt for it. The designing has been amazing which has attracted me towards it and made me to fall in love with the phone.

3. Processor: The processor that it has to offer in the price range is one of the best which made me to fall in love with the phone ultimately. The intel processor offers great speed and brings forward the point of tremendous satisfaction to me which is a great factor in making me to make ASUS Zenfone to be my valentine. The multiple threads that can be run on the phone at the same time is the loveliest offering that it has to make and thus my valentine.

4. Camera: The camera quality of the phone is superb. The image quality that this phone promises is amazing and luring which makes it to be a sure shot go for the valentine. The pixel master that phone has to offer is great which makes images to be captured in low light even. The camera’s optical formula lens of the phone promises to take best clicks through the phone. The capturing of pictures is an essential act and clicking pictures and images on the special day is something to be done for the life long memories. I would love to make my day special by capturing my smiles throughout the day with the device and keep them forever.

5. Battery quality: The battery life that the phone has to offer to its users is one of the best. The quality is amazing and lasts quite longer than the usual and other ones in the market. The battery life is quite promising and is supposed to last longer and when on power saving mode, it works for long durations.

Thus, ASUS Zenfone is a perfect valentine choice and has lot on the plate to offer and would thus be my choice of valentine.

For more details of the device : Click here : ASUS


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