The essence of family living!

The site REWARDME.IN has a number of sections and a lot of good articles to read and ponder over in our real life and providing important valuable suggestions and points that would make the living a worth- while experience and the one that one enjoys and cherishes throughout one’s life.

The section on “Family Living” largely caught my attention providing valuable tips and toes to be followed in our life that would make it easy and simple in several ways and making the daily life and living quite a great experience. The link for the section is:

The article on the site that derived my attention is: TIPS TO BOND WITH FAMILY and the link to the article is :

“I’ve remembered that most of life is about small, essential connections, so unobtrusive, so elastic, that you scarcely realize they’re actually holding you together. The big ones-the great, grand emotional bonds-those are the ones that break, the ones that fail you, the ones that give way and send you careening toward the foot of the bleak and jagged canyon. It’s the tough, gnarled, unadorned ties that really do bind, that never let you fall all the way down into darkness.” Shanon Sharine puts this statement forward in the book “The Shapes of Desire”. The line says so much about the values and the human bonds that we as humans grow up with and live with them, making several of them as the habits and inculcate them in out nature. Our habits and nature should be built up such that it is appreciable and does not harm others. One should be acceptable according to the societal norms and should be leading to the path of light and to shed away from the lines and paths of darkness.

The article teaches such valuable tips to go around with them in life as they would make life to be counted as a healthy and lovely one. Few of them being finding time for the other members in the family, having family chores together, joining everyone on he dining table for the meals, sharing the interests and the importance of family as a whole by going around to meet relatives, organising and planning get togethers. The article also lays importance on teaching valuable lessons to the children so that they develop and nourish their thought process and take lead in life gracefully and courageously. The kids learn a lot of things from elders through daily seeing and observing, and thus it is important that everyone takes care of the actions and leads life in a peaceful and healthy manner which would serve as a great learning for everyone.

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