The Pimples Story!

Oh those red circles, here pores, there pores, everywhere pores pores.

It gets so irritating and disgusting to go around with those spots on the face and makes one feel uncomfortable and unacceptable with oneself, for one has one’s mind gripped into the weird feelings and there are different things that capture the mind.

The pimples are no joy for the person who has them and also it is not a good sight for others to see pimples on to other’s face. They give a weird sight to both parties and thus are not supposed to bring any less pain.

The pain that pimples causes is known by the person who actually bears and faces the problems and issues with them. The excessive care that one has to carry on with their pimples eruption and their control is quite tiresome. One has to careful with a lot of things like protection of skin from several chemicals, to apply ointments, regular clinical treatments, skin protection from sun and dust, and several others amongst these.

The person is always gripped into making the best efforts for oneself and taking the precautions to prevent the pimples emergence. The efforts that one makes to avoid emerging of pimples is quite annoying, I say it annoying because, despite the best efforts, there are times and chances where one often meets failure and the pimple would emerge at unwanted time and unwanted location without any pre-signal.

Pimples are like the uninvited guests that the individual faces at large and which are of no joy and just a painful sight to bear and make the mind understand the trauma that one faces. I ain’t kidding with this fact, this might sound little blunt, that is the true fact.

The individual goes mad trying different therapies and treatments to get rid of them and probably they all turn out to be just the temporary solutions and become the cause of temporary happiness. One has to even pay attentions to the eating habits and the diet that one takes, and also digest the unending and unwanted suggestions from people around.

Well, coming to one of the concrete solution is through the use of Garnier Pure Active Neem Face wash, I have myself seen the changes and they have been long lasting and quite promising. Now not that I am writing for the campaign and praising about the product, but have had a good effect and result with the Garnier products.

The glow and maintainence with the product is quite effective. It has come to relieve the pressure and made life a little easier with the hassles that go on with this pimple problem.

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For detailed information about the product visit their website : Garnier Pure Active Neem

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Quick with Quikr!

In the present scenario that we are into, where globalisation has hit all the markets of the world, relocating from one office to another for better prospects is nothing less than a compulsion. The headquarters of the office of my being in Bangalore and being promoted to a higher rank, I have been assigned my task in Bangalore office.

Being new in the city and having heard of the expenses in the Bangalore, I went on to look for several products and necessities on the e-commerce site – QUIKR and shall use This would be a place where I would be flooded with lots of options.

The foremost requirement would be of a good bed in the room for a comfortable sleep after a long and tiring day in the office. The other ones of a good chair and table in the furniture. From the childhood days, I have always looked forward a great chair-table combo in my room which complete me and my room in all aspects and takes me closer to delve into my own world of relaxation and comfort.

Quikr having lots of options with it, I would take on look at the best options that would be available at the best price and make the deal.

Moving ahead to other basic necessities in a flat would be to arrange the kitchen and accessories required for the kitchen and make the things look complete in the living home. Looking out for the appliances on quikr is another tedious job, for appliances could not be completely relied on, as there are chances of the product not working efficiently or the product being too old. So the best would be to take clear inspection and seal the best deal by meeting the sellers in personal. Also, there goes good negotiation in the electronics items. The important ones on the list would be to make arrangements of refrigerator, air-conditioner, exhaust, electronic stove, oven and mixer-grinder. There can be great number of sellers for these products on quikr as there are sellers who would be relocating and might wish to sale off their products at a reasonable price.

The other similar requirements of a geyser cold also be looked on the site for the options that would be available on the site and talk to the dealers and sellers for better deals. The site gives a fair idea for the price at which the product could be made available and might prove beneficial for me for making the fair deals at affordable prices.

Though the deals could be made a great discount, but would go on to make the deals by proper inspection and interrogation about the product from the dealer to avoid being cheated. It is a good etiquette to look forward to by the buyers and sellers to make the fair deals and involve in fair practices of business and exchange affairs.

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Life with Micromax Canvas Tab

The lightening speed of Micromax Canvas P666 could help me rediscover my passion. This could be done by downloading some of the leading educational and news information apps and can help children with the updating and discussing of the news. This would not only help and aid in increasing the knowledge of just mine, instead shall help building up strong interests and developing an interest into learning at all the stages of life. The learning gets easy and fun with the amazing apps that could be downloaded on the Tab. Also, the comfortable screen size shall be a great treat to the eyes.

Also, the health tips could well be ascertained through the apps featuring on the tab and taking good amount of assistance of it by recording daily intakes and the workouts put in throughout the day. It shall be a healthy mechanism to record the daily activities and help in the management of calories and other related activities in a convenient manner enabling the maintenance of diet charts, running charts, metabolism charts, suggestive measures.

The tab could well be used for socializing through twitter, facebook, instagram, picassa, and several other social networking sites. The socializing could be put to different uses and thus depending on the needs, could well be managed. The far of relatives could be in touch with the aid of such apps in a cost efficient manner which makes life more meaningful and interesting. It is important that we realize the value of time and relations in our life and make the best use of things that are available to us at our disposal.

The other great use of the Micromax tab that would be taken into account is the music downloading apps through which the search becomes easier and quicker. The music quality is also amazing on the tab and provides the great features apart from other devices. The music apps could well be put to use for learning some good quality music. I shall learn some of the most lovable songs on my dictionary and make my life amazing with the presence of the best songs on my list which would lead to the generation of peace on my mind.

The speed that Micromax tab offers is amazing as compared to several other similar devices in the market as it has a strong processor that holds multiple apps working onto it at the same time without any time lag and gives the best experience. The high speeds runs parallel to the achievements conquered in life, and thus high speed of Micromax Canvas tab shall assist in achieving the passions alongwith the awakening and rediscovering of the passions within. It is important that we realize the importance of passion that has a strong abiding with an individual, other things shall comfortably pour in.

For more information about the MICROMAX CANVAS TAB click here.

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A happy man!

The harsh looks are a mere disappointment to a huge population and are most often found to give a stubborn outlook which makes socially unacceptable. They provide no fun and meaning to their own existence, lest others. And, then there stays no point of their acceptance and are more often looked down. Their presence at parties are no joy for the prickly and unclean looks give no approval of the presence near to them, often being left- out or avoided. This also grants them unbathed looks, what bad could it get, not talking of the exceptions who know well enough to carry out their rough and rugged looks. Well, who would like an unclean stubbly man around oneself ? If any, then those are mere exceptions, and we are not talking of the exceptions here, for a change, for here we are making general opinions.

In the times that we are now, almost everyone bids a tata-bye to the unclean and unshaven man with a bad stubble growing around their necks, chin, etc. They are really aloof of their own existence and acceptance by the people around or may be they are not concerned, and not being concerned is an unsocial attitude. This is just not my opinion, but majority of the population shall go with me and support me in this opinion of the unclean and stubbly man. It is essential that man pay due attention to their grooming skills and maintain themselves in terms of good standards and take the baton of leading a neat and clean routine so that they are reasons of joy and fun to everyone around.

Miles to seek and miles to go,

Its high time, you need to grow.

Bid adieu to the prickly pears,

Saintly looks and saintly seers.

A broader domain to view,

prickly pears are bid adieu.

The thorny grounds,

those harsh sounds.

The  young and the old days,

in those moments of sways,

Of that manly appearance,

I was clean bowled by his clean shaven looks, hence.

‘This post is a part of #WillYouShave activity at BlogAdda in association with Gillette‘.

I nominate NANDINI GARG for the #WillYouShave activity at Blogadda.

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Get Lucky with Lucky 6

India is not new to gaming now, for instance video games, contrary to that general perception. It started with those little vintage coin-operated video game parlours that we enjoyed playing Street Fighter andMetal Slug on, during a trip to a hillstation. Today video games are far more accessible, even on devices such as mobile phones. India houses a ‘mature’, yet limited, or should we say, bottlenecked, video games industry. The Rs 1500 crore (as of 2013) industry reached the landmark in a not-so-generic way, but one that is characteristic to the consumer habits.

SHM Entertainment Ltd (“SHM”), has designed an online gaming platform whose applications (“Apps”) are marketed under the brand, “Fat Cat”. Currently the platform allows players to play two unique games on their smartphones and tablets.

Coming to explore the new game – FAT CAT, let’s go on a ride of the offerings of this game:

  1. Easy to Access: Signing up for the game, logging in and creating an account was quite easy with simple following of instructions.
  2. Brands on the game: There are lots of brands on the game, we cn go of the ones we know or for the ones we know the shares would reap good benefits and take up high in the near future.
  3. Easy to play: The game has been quite easy to play with instructions following up if struck anywhere. Also, it has been easy navigation throughout the game. No hassles as such.
  4. Challenging friends: involving others to play this game is not at all a difficult task, as for instance found a lot of blogger friends there on the game. We can play up there and challenge in the spirit of game.
  5. Sharing with friends: The game provides sharing on a very convenient basis. It is nt difficult to find sharing options.
  6. Winning Cash: One of the plus point of the game being to win cash prizes throughout the gaming.
  7. Quizzes: It was a pleasure to know a great game that would infact offer to play quiz alongside gaming. It is a good way to increase and tap over the knowledge accounts making us to roll over the google, if needed, and sharpen our know-how domain.

Another best thing about FAT CAT is that they are CrowdFunding.This concept is quite unique into the world of gaming and threatens the traditional methods of lottery system, where we know that the world is largely revolutionized, where market is huge and the revenue generation is almost immediate. This would definitely be a perfect game changer all around the world.

With the increased penetration of mobile phones and personal computers in small towns and cities, industry experts estimate the gaming market to grow in the near future. India also has great potential to become an attractive destination for outsourcing of gaming development activities. India can capitalize on its strong reputation for outsourcing of IT/ITES services in this regard. Despite the growth and opportunities for development, the Indian gaming industry has to deal with challenges such as scarcity of skilled professionals and high prevalence of piracy.

FAT CAT is so much fun and the jackpots being huge, I am waiting for the day, when my friends would turn to me and thank me for turning them into big fat cats. What fun!

To know more about the FAT CAT game, click here : FAT CAT.

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That Happy Rhyming Childhood

Tom Stoppard once quoted, “If you carry forward your childhood with you, you never become older.”

So far, I am doing justice to this old adage. The years and wrinkles have been added to my life, but the thrill of childhood days exists in so many ways, that I have lived and enjoyed them with my kids and other kids in the society and surroundings all the while. Also, when the Children’s Day was celebrated in our society this year, I was being awarded as “The Best Aunt” by the kids. I have rhymed with them a lot of poems, I have played around with them in their games, laughed with them, had crazy food items. I have lived my childhood again with them, with my kids.

One of the poetry that I stays in mind for ever is: Little Red Riding Hood

The reason for it goes like is that fear is definitely not so difficult to comprehend and understand. After all, were not we all frightened and afraid of certain things as children? Nothing has changed since Little Red Riding Hood faced that big bad wolf. Today, the fears are similar but in a different way. What frightens us today more is exactly the same sort of thing that frightened us yesterday, in our childhood. It is just a different wolf. In the long race of life, we just need to conquer our fears and step ahead into life with whatever it offers and presents us in its plate.

Another poem from my childhood that goes till date is: Johny Johny Yes Papa!

The various versions that this poem has come up with are hilarious in a lot of ways that gives a huge laughter and gushes the blood through all the veins and arteries of the body. I used to really enjoy this poem as a child. I used to climb my father’s shoulders as soon as he used to enter the home after his long working hours. It used to make him as well as me very fresh and I used to go too loud with this very poem. This saga continued for quite a long time till I went on to grow older and heavier getting difficult for me to climb over his shoulder and giving him lesser pains! haha! It used to be so much fun, no matter how our day had been, this particular thing used to remove all of our worries and sadness, if any, that we had throughout the day.

These are lovely childhood memories that I have for myself, that taught me the life’s best lessons and memories with lots of learning and fun in life.

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The amazing #24kLiving with PORCELANOSA

There is no other bliss, happiness and serenity to the busy occupied minds as much as staying at home. Home is such a place that brings pure joy and excitement, and thus one of those places that must have a good decor to be associated to it for the attainment of the wonderful expressions of human emotions.

Porcelanosa in this context is doing a great work in bringing the latest varieties of home decor to the doorsteps of the people and making life simpler, easier and happier. What more of a blessing one could ask for in the lifetime than a happy and a beautiful home to live in ?

Kitchen being my personal favourite hide-out, I would firstly transform it to the best possible that I could, and Porcelanosa offers a great deals of options for the fulfillment of this desire.

First things first, going by the fore-most attraction for me, the kitchen furniture in the kitchen. The central ground responsible for all the activities and all get-together at home, the one reason it is my favourite place apart from the reason being that of for food. Porcelanosa offers a good range for Kitchen furniture such as that from glass or KRION® countertops, fronts or shelves, and designs adapted to storage needs, with pillars, tall cupboards and integrated domestic appliances.

The kitchen furniture not only adds decor to the home, but also provides the ease and comfort of carrying out the most important and the busiest activities at home. The cabinet spacing, the hot chimney appropriately placed along with adequate water facilities could well be chosen from the Porcelanosa’s range of products.G690 Roble Petróleo / Roble Blanco Cal

The next thing on the list would be the Bathroom furnishings and decorations. Oh yes, my second favourite hideout after kitchen. Porcelanosa presents a very good range of products for bathroom decoration from bathroom furniture to spray showers, bath tubs, shower trays, from shower screens to shower columns. The other things including basins, radiators, and sanitary ware. A good range of bathroom accessories are also offered by Porcelanosa.


I loved to have visited the site and look for the items that would be fitting my needs and aspirations of those of a beautiful modular kitchen and a lively bathroom which would add essence and quality breathing to life. The atmosphere that good furnishings add on to life is splendid and we turn out to be happy in carrying out the daily chores and activities in an active and healthy manner.

The good aura naturally flows form quality interiors and also makes the home presentable. The decors when done in a adequate manner according to the needs of the home brings in the perfect connections into several spheres of life and thus add to the better living.

The mental relief that comes with good home interior and environment is beyond explanations and the bliss is ultimate which renders peace and tranquility. Thus, it becomes essential that we good amount of attention towards the interiors of the home where we live so that the time that flows has fond memories to be associated to it.

I hope one day when I get financially stable, I would happily be going for an apartment with 24k Living and spend the rest of my life scribbling comfortably into the amazing environment that offers great living and services.

For more details about the products, click here – Porcelanosa and for the service providers, click here – The 24k Living 

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